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If you are a restaurant owner in Minneapolis, MN, the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro area, or you need help disposing of your used cooking oil, you will never go wrong with us at Greasehauler. We base our prices on the amount of oil that we can collect from your restaurant or location, and the current market price of processed yellow grease. We offer the best prices for waste oil anywhere in the region.

At Greasehauler, we guarantee efficient, clean, and environmentally friendly services. When you work with us, we will promptly leave 55-gallon drums at your restaurant, and we will collect your waste oil every couple of weeks.

Our team will not just load the drums onto our truck and leave a huge mess at your property. Our collection team will seal the drums properly, carefully load every drum onto our truck, and immediately transport the waste oil to our recycling facility.

We will always leave a clean and sanitized collection drum at your property to fill up again. You can choose drums with or without casters, and we have plenty of them.

We take pride in paying top dollar for every drum of waste oil that we collect from you. We write your checks every Friday after the collection is completed. You do not have to worry about cleaning up after we are done collecting the waste oil because our crew will make sure that everything is in order before leaving your property.

Choose the best waste oil collection and management team in Minneapolis. Come visit us at Greasehauler today!

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