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At Greasehauler, we offer cooking oil recycling in Minneapolis, MN, the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro area. We have worked with many restaurant owners in the area for many years, making us the most trusted used cooking oil collection and recycling company.

Our service is simple: we pay you for your used cooking oil. On average, a restaurant produces hundreds of gallons of used cooking oil every week. Our team will handle the removal process, using reliable equipment and tools when hauling the sealed collection drums onto our trucks. The used oil is then transported to a recycling facility to be processed and made into biofuel. While we typically schedule collection every two weeks, you can give us a call if you require an earlier collection. We will send a team to your restaurant right away.

As a business owner, cooking oil recycling provides many benefits. Obviously, you do not have to worry about disposing of your used cooking oil, since we have trained and experienced staff that will do it for you. More importantly, you will not be dumping the used oil down your sinks, which can damage the drains and clog the pipes.

Additionally, our cooking oil recycling service provides you with additional revenue. You are paid for every gallon of used cooking oil we collect, and utilizing our service qualifies you for a significant tax deduction for supporting a pro-environment effort.

So, do not get into the habit of throwing money down the drain. You will be paid top dollar for every gallon of cooking oil we collect from you.

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